6 Home-Based Activities for Elderly Stroke Survivors

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At-Home Activities for Aging Stroke Survivors in Denton, TX

More than 790,000 adults have strokes each year. More than half of stroke survivors develop some type of disability secondary to the cerebrovascular event, and the road to recovery may be long and frustrating. However, the greater your loved one’s efforts, the quicker he or she can recover. There are many different types of activities stroke survivors can do at home to hasten the recovery process.

1. Brain Training

Doing jigsaw puzzles, working on word or number puzzles, and playing games all stimulate various areas of the brain, which encourages neurons to create new pathways of communication. Puzzles and games trigger the visual centers of the brain. Any activity involving the hands enhances fine motor skills. Puzzles also require comprehension, reasoning, and problem-solving skills that strengthen cognitive ability.

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2. Crafting

Several regions of the brain are stimulated when working on craft projects. The finger and hand movements increase fine motor skills. Crafting also helps seniors stimulate their reasoning, problem-solving, and spatial recognition skills. Simple projects for seniors with arm or hand immobility include making collages from family photographs, or they can use children’s molding clay to build hand strength. Other options include finger painting or drawing in a pile of sand.

3. Exercising

Stroke survivors are often advised to perform specific exercises to gain mobility in an arm or leg. They may also need to increase their balance. While exercising to favorite music, seniors not only strengthen the muscles, connective tissues, and bones in affected areas, but they also increase blood circulation, which is needed to nourish neurons. 

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4. Learning

While recovering and gaining strength, seniors might consider learning something new. For instance, your loved one can research which birds migrate through the area and indulge in bird-watching while sitting in the yard. He or she could also start a windowsill herb garden, plant some flowers and enjoy the colors and fragrance, or perhaps learn to play a musical instrument. Learning stimulates the brain regions that govern visual input, physical movement, language, and memory retention.

5. Stimulating the Senses

Seniors should consider finding ways to stimulate as many of their senses as possible to encourage brain plasticity. Your loved one can use scented candles, listen to favorite music, try new foods with unfamiliar flavors and textures, or read an enthralling novel. The more sensory input the brain receives, the more active neurons become, which encourages healing.

6. Listening to or Playing Music

Playing upbeat tunes can greatly enhance mood in stroke survivors, who can be prone to frustration and depression. Seniors with aphasia or memory impairment often find their skills increase when singing along with familiar songs. Music stimulates various regions of the brain, including the language center. Seniors who enjoyed playing an instrument in the past should continue the activity to enhance fine motor skills.

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