5 Ways Card & Board Games Boost Aging Adults’ Cognitive Ability

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Ways Card & Board Games Boost Older Adults’ Cognitive Ability in Denton, TX

Board and card games aren’t just for children. In fact, they can also be perfect for seniors looking to benefit from an added cognitive boost later in life. While not high-tech, games of this nature are easy to play and highly adaptable to skill levels and capabilities. What’s more, there are some more specific and very compelling reasons both board and card games can be good for a senior’s cognitive health.

1. Reduce the Risk of Dementia

Reduced cognition increases the risk of developing dementia. But a 2013 French study found board games, which researchers defined as including card games, may lower dementia risk by as much as 15 percent. Separate research, including results from a longitudinal study referenced by the National Institutes of Health, suggests games of this nature may also minimize this risk by encouraging beneficial social engagement and interaction that keeps an aging brain stimulated.

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1. Decrease Stress & Promote Relaxation

More than half of the people surveyed by RealNetworks reported primarily playing board and card games to relieve stress. This is cognitively beneficial for older adults, since stress can affect mental clarity. The Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Learning Network has also associated chronic stress with memory challenges in older adults. Board and card games are naturally fun, which can certainly ease stress and anxiety for senior players.

3. Boost the Release of “Happiness Hormones”

Playing board and card games can make older adults happier, especially if you include games that bring back pleasant memories for your aging loved one. When the brain is experiencing positive, happy thoughts, more hormones called endorphins are produced. These so-called “feel-good” hormones enhance cognition by contributing to a neurochemical boost that helps brain cells work better.

4. Lower Blood Pressure

A recent presentation by the American Heart Association suggests managing high blood pressure may boost cognitive health. The boost in happiness and relaxation associated with board and card games may also increase circulation, which allows blood to flow easier. The end result could be a natural decrease in blood pressure. This benefit can be further enhanced for seniors with positive lifestyle changes. For instance, you might serve sliced carrots or cucumbers, Greek yogurt cups, or other healthy snacks when you play card or board games with your loved one.

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5. Encourage Multiple Parts of the Brain to Work Together

Board games also enhance cognition in seniors by drawing on multiple parts of the brain to help with different processes. For example, Scrabble requires players to look for opportunities to create words. And card games like Go Fish, which can be fun to play with grandchildren, strengthen memory and recall skills. While the basic setup for board and card games varies, games of this nature tend to enhance cognition by stimulating parts of the brain responsible for:

• Memory processing
• Logic and reasoning
• Visual and auditory processing
• Attention and focus 

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