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By Annette Bratcher, 10:06 pm on November 7, 2013

The upcoming holidays give family members the chance to put their busy lives on pause and come together to enjoy each other’s company. For adult children, holiday gatherings offer opportunities to check on the health and safety of aging parents as well. Here are five signs that can indicate Mom or Dad is struggling with everyday activities. Weight Loss or Changes in Eating Habits Sudden weight loss can be a sign of serious underlying conditions, including depression, dementia and even cancer. Seniors can also lose weight when conditions like failing eyesight, arthritis or flagging energy makes it difficult to purchase and prepare food. Changes in Appearance or Hygiene Changes in hygiene and appearance can indicate physical impairments like poor dental health, vision or dexterity, but can be indicators of more…

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By Annette Bratcher, 4:49 pm on October 31, 2013

Driving is often a way to connect to the outside world and to remain independent for older adults, which is why telling an aging parent or spouse that they should no longer drive can be difficult. It’s important to express to your loved one that their safety is your main concern and that independence can be lived out in other ways. So how do you know when it’s time to have “the talk” and how should you approach the sensitive topic? Signs their Driving Skills are on the Decline Small scratches and dents on the car Slowed reaction time at stop signs Haphazard parking jobs Confusion between the gas and brake pedal Difficulty seeing street signs, motorcyclists and pedestrians Getting lost often, which could also be a symptom of dementia…

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By Annette Bratcher, 9:40 pm on October 24, 2013

At Home Care Assistance, we’re fortunate to be a part of a tight knit community that hosts events and activities throughout the year. While a majority of events are great for individuals of all ages, there are many designed specifically for seniors! From language and culinary classes to dances and free movies, local senior centers have all the bases covered. So whether you are looking to broaden your horizons or you are looking for activities for an aging loved one, we’ve provided a few great ways in which local senior centers help cultivate independence, health and happiness for older adults: Creative classes. For example, the Denton Senior Center offers courses in beginner and intermediate Spanish. Learning a new language has shown to increase mental capacity and this decrease your likelihood…

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