4 YouTube Channels for Seniors

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Some seniors take on new professions and interests after retirement. These seniors have taken the unconventional step of creating YouTube channels and uploading their videos, which have turned them into social media stars. Flower Mound elderly care professionals discuss 4 popular YouTube channels run by seniors. 

1. The Angry Grandpa 

This show is run by Charles Green Jr., a grandpa who is angry at just about everything. You can watch this senior rant about celebrity news, political happenings, sports, and more. Charles has over 100,000,000 views on YouTube, where over 3,000,000 subscribers log on to hear his foul language and one-of-a-kind attitude. Green’s fan base refer to themselves as “Grandpa’s Army.” He feels the show is a great way to bond with his son while staying healthy and busy. 

2. Grandma Mary 

The 85-year-old viral star who runs this YouTube channel wanted to be famous before she died, and she is currently doing just that. Mary Bartnicki became a viral sensation with her two sisters. The trio had their own show, Golden Sisters, on the Oprah Winfrey Network. The show has since been canceled, but Bartnicki continues to create videos mocking song lyrics, giving advice, critiquing the latest fashions, and telling stories that make her audience laugh and tune in. 

3. Grand Illusions 

Tim Rowett is a YouTuber who has been collecting toys for over 30 years and demonstrates how each toy works on his channel, Grand Illusions. Rowett has more than 400,000 subscribers, and his videos have had more than 28,000,000 views. He worked as an entertainer for children’s parties when he was younger, but instead of retiring, Tim brought part of his show to YouTube. He started the channel to talk about the importance of using old toys instead of tossing them aside for new inventions and trends. 

4. Over 50 and Fantabulous 

A woman named Lynn created this YouTube channel for seniors who want to discuss anything from dating to gray hair and wrinkled skin. She started her channel because she was tired of seeing that most YouTube videos were about younger adults, and she wanted to offer seniors a channel they could relate to. Lynn currently has thousands of subscribers who tune in to watch her many videos.

These senior YouTubers have not let age stop them and are actively pursuing their interests and sharing them with their followers. Encourage your senior loved one to pursue an active lifestyle with help from Home Care Assistance. We provide dedicated respite and live-in care. Flower Mound seniors can benefit from our caregivers who are trained to assist with daily tasks around the house, and we also offer specialized care for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and dementia. Call 972-468-6010 to speak with a friendly Care Manager and learn about our elder care services.