5 Reasons That Seniors with Alzheimer’s Need to Maintain a Schedule

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Many seniors who have Alzheimer’s benefit greatly from creating and maintaining a weekly schedule. There are numerous reasons why this is true. While some Flower Mound, TX, Alzheimer’s caregivers find trying to stick to a schedule frustrating, most see the benefits. Here are five for you to consider.

1. Boosts Long-Term Memory

When seniors with Alzheimer’s do not have a schedule, they may wander around aimlessly wondering what they are supposed to do next. When they have a schedule, they usually know what is supposed to happen next. The difference is that with no schedule, the senior must rely on their short-term memory which is often the first thing to be robbed of them.

2. Better Sleep

Many seniors with Alzheimer’s find it difficult to sleep at night. Once a bedtime schedule is established, then most find it easier to sleep all night. This may cut down on the rate and severity of sundowner’s syndrome that the senior experiences later in the day.

3. Fewer Arguments

When seniors know what is supposed to happen next, there are usually fewer arguments between Flower Mound dementia caregivers and the senior with Alzheimer’s. They know what is supposed to happen next and are prepared to do it.

4. Plenty of Time for Fun

When seniors stop arguing and know what they need to do, then there is more time for fun. Make sure to schedule these times into the weekly plan. You can go somewhere special. Alternatively, do something fun at home like a craft or fixing a special meal together.

5. More Time for Meaningful Activities

Scheduling allows the family caregiver to make sure that the senior has a variety of meaningful activities to enjoy each week. This may encourage the senior to stay more in the moment instead of fading into a prior time in his or her life.

There are 1,440 minutes in every day. Make the most of them for a senior with Alzheimer’s by providing a schedule for him or her. If you need help doing so, call Home Care Assistance at 972-468-6010. We provide premier Alzheimer’s and dementia senior home care Flower Mound, TX, seniors need to comfortably and safely age in place. Learn more when you meet with an experienced Care Manager.

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