Understanding the Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

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When a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, family members often come together to provide their loved one with the care they need to remain safe, comfortable and independent at home. Because Alzheimer’s is a complicated disease, those who understand the various stages can do more to prepare themselves for what is to come and to help their loved ones through this difficult time in their lives.

The early stages of the disease are referred to as mild Alzheimer’s. It starts with seniors forgetting things like people’s birthdays or where they’ve set things down in the home, getting lost while going out and having trouble coordinating things like paying bills. During this part of the disease, seniors may also tend to experience changes in behavior, as moods may change without warning.

As the disease progresses, it moves on to moderate Alzheimer’s. This is a stage that is often more difficult for loved ones to deal with, as the Alzheimer’s patient begins to forget significant life events, such as what city they grew up in or went to school. People in this stage will often begin to have trouble with more simple tasks, such as bathing or dressing themselves properly and may need help from a professional Denton County caregiver. Also, some seniors may begin to become paranoid and may even hear or see things that aren’t really there.

From this point, the disease progresses to severe Alzheimer’s. This is often the most difficult stage for families to cope with. The senior will need help with extremely basic things like sitting up, feeding themselves and will often have trouble controlling their bladder. By this time, their personality may be completely different, and they may not recognize familiar faces anymore. It is often necessary for families to provide around the clock care to ensure safety or to seek help from a reliable live-in care provider in Denton County to provide advanced Alzheimer’s care at home.

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