6 Helpful Teas the Reduce Migraine Pain

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When seniors live with chronic migraines, over-the-counter medications can only do so much. In fact, some seniors can’t take synthetic drugs to alleviate the pain. In these instances, Denton home care providers recommend the following teas for migraine relief.

1. Chamomile Tea

Those who are caring for an individual who lives with chronic or sporadic migraines can serve a cup of chamomile tea to reduce tension and offer relief for the pain. Chamomile tea reduces inflammation and muscle spasms with sedative properties that make it easier to get enough rest each night. 

2. Skullcap

Skullcap is helpful in treating stress headaches because it has a relaxing effect that reduces anxiety. Skullcap is proven to increase the blood flow in the body and relaxes the blood vessels, thereby reducing pressure in the body that can cause migraines.

3. Ginger Root

Drink a large cup of ginger root to enjoy a beverage that has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces swelling that causes migraines. It’s effective for reducing pain within minutes of drinking the tea and it can also halt vomiting and nausea that is triggered by the discomfort.

4. Feverfew

This has been a remedy for the treatment of headaches for several centuries. Feverfew tea is effective for pain relief because it contains parthenolide, which can reduce inflammation in the body. It can even prevent blood vessels in the brain from constricting and can be consumed for migraine prevention in addition to migraine relief.

5. Peppermint

Reach for a cup of peppermint tea to treat a migraine at its source with a natural remedy that can reduce inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract that often triggers the pain. It will even help to curb nausea and won’t cause a harmful reaction when mixed with medicine.

6. Green Tea

Denton, TX, live-in caregivers can offer green tea to seniors for immediate relief for headaches. It is a natural migraine remedy that became a popular treatment in Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries. It can alleviate headaches and even help to prevent them from developing with daily consumption.

Learn more about holistic ways to ease migraine and other chronic pain when you turn to Home Care Assistance of Denton, TX. As the leading provider of live-in and hourly Denton home care, we dedicate our time to helping seniors age in place with dignity. Contact us at 972-468-6010 today to schedule a complimentary consultation for your loved one.

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