Should Seniors & Older Adults Fear Obamacare?

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One of the most controversial laws enacted during the past generation is the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as Obamacare. In addition to being controversial, a great deal of confusion surrounds what the law does and does not do, especially for the aging population. Today, Home Care Assisted, a trusted provider of Denton County elder care, is going to provide some information about the ACA to help reduce confusion for seniors and their families.

Cost of Care

Despite the name of the law, the Obama Administration conceded that the Affordable Care Act does not so much contain or moderate health care costs, and it instead expands the base of people actually covered by health insurance (the debate continues over the number of uninsured individuals who are actually provided coverage thanks to the ACA).

The ACA mandates that Medicare coverage will increase at a rate just above the inflation rate. However, because health care costs are anticipated to rise faster than the inflation rate, seniors will continue to be hit by the costs of health care.

Limitation of Medicare Payments

The ACA has also resulted in a growing number of limitations on Medicare payments to doctors, hospitals and other health care providers. In other words, in the aftermath of the enactment of the ACA, Medicare is actually providing less coverage for seniors and older Americans.

Increase in the Cost of Supplemental Insurance

Due to the growing limitations in Medicare as a direct result of the ACA, more seniors are exploring options such as Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Although such course of action makes good sense on the surface, supplemental insurance policies are expensive and their associated premiums are expensive as well. This leaves seniors in the same cost predicament.

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