Top 3 Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

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You can’t stay with your aging parents at all times, however you want to know that if they need you for an emergency, they will be able to contact you. Cell phones have become increasingly more important in the lives of seniors and older adults, acting as a way to communicate with their loved ones for pleasure and for emergencies. However, which one is right for your aging loved one? Home Care Assistance offers a brief overview of the top phones for seniors.

There are many types of cell phones on the market today. While smartphones offer a handful of benefits, providing seniors with access to the internet for news and information, games to help stimulate the mind and video chatting to reduce the risk of isolation, not all seniors are able to learn the technology right away. So if you want to ease your loved one into today’s new technology, consider one of these easy to use, senior-friendly smart phones.

  1. The Snapfon Ez One – Designed and manufactured with seniors in mind, it is easy to see why this phone tops of our list. The large buttons are easy to read and push, limiting frustrations and promoting your loved one’s confidence for using the phone. It is easy to understand that your loved one is more likely to use a product they are comfortable with. Also featuring a loud volume and SOS function which gives seniors the ability to connect directly with local emergency services, this phone can provide families with peace of mind.
  2. Doro410 – Featuring a bright display that is easy to read and a spacious keypad with large numbers that your loved one can easily press, the Doro410 appeals to older adults. Seniors may also appreciate this cell phone because the classic flip-phone model seems familiar to everyone, even to new cell phone users. The phone is also affordable and reviews state it has a good call quality.
  3. Samsung Gusto 2. Plastic, durable and lightweight, this senior-friendly cell phone is also affordable and simple to use. The keys are also rubberized, so seniors won’t have trouble dialing. There are also shortcuts specifically for “in case of emergency” numbers where you are able to program in your number as well as local response services in your area. The phone quality is also said to be exceptional, so families can rest assured that wherever their loved one is, they will be able to call for assistance.

The above phones keep it simple and accommodate the lifestyles of seniors. However if you are looking to ensure the safety of your loved one when you are unable to be by their side, consider help from a professional caregiver. Home Care Assistance serves Denton and Collin counties, providing home care to seniors, assisting with everything from meal preparation and personal care to medication reminders and transportation. Learn more about our reliable part-time care services or contact a Care Manager directly at 972-468-6010 today.