Traveling in Your Golden Years: Safety Tips for Seniors

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Your aging parent loves to travel. Whether they utilize a wheelchair or walking aid to assist them or have a reliable spouse to accompany them, it is natural to be concerned about their safety while traveling. While you don’t want to limit their activities as they age, there are measures you can take to provide you peace of mind while your elderly parents indulge their desire to explore the world.

As a leading provider of Texas home care, serving Denton and Collin counties, we wanted to share some easy ways concerned adult children can help seniors prepare for a trip, ensuring their safety each step of the way.

  1. Talk with their doctor or physician. Before leaving for the trip, it is important that your loved one visits with their doctor or primary care physician to check for any health conditions that could put them at risk during their travels. The doctor can also go over important items such as limiting physical activity, managing medications while on the road, and getting proper amounts of rest.
  2. Help with packing. With age, it becomes difficult to carry heavy bags, especially when they need to be loaded and unloaded from a car, the overhead compartment of an airplane or in and out of a hotel. Encourage your family member to bring only what they need, reducing the load. With a lighter bag in hand, they also reduce their risk of injury from pulling a muscle or losing their balance attempting to carry it. Also, make sure they have a backpack or carry-on that includes more than enough medications for their entire trip.
  3. Prepare lists and essential documents. Help your senior loved one prepare by gathering any essential documents they might need throughout their trip. Make photo copies of important identification cards, including their state ID and passport in case one is misplaced. Also, create a list including emergency phone numbers, current medications and medical history. This can help ensure proper care if an emergency arises.
  4. Check for Senior-Friendly Amenities and Assistance. Check your loved one’s itinerary and see what you can find out as far as special services, which might include early boarding for flights, senior accessible hotel rooms and restaurants or tour groups accommodate dietary specifications or restrictions. Many travel outfits will accommodate these needs with the proper notice, helping make your loved one’s trip hassle free.
  5. Enlist in the help of a senior travel companion. Care agencies such as Home Care Assistance have professional and compassionate caregivers who are available to travel with their clients. Just as the caregiver would provide 24 hour care to the senior at home, they can provide assistance during every moment of a vacation or trip, maximizing safety and comfort at all times. Gain peace of mind and learn more about 24 hour care for seniors in Denton and Collin Counties.

Looking for other travel tips! Contact Home Care Assistance today and speak with a devoted Care Manager at 972-468-6010. We are available 24/7 and are more than happy to answer any of  your questions and can also help you schedule a complimentary no obligation consultation.

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