Health Benefits of Yoga for Seniors with Asthma

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Yoga is mostly known by Denton senior care providers to boost strength, flexibility, and a sense of calm. A few medical studies have also found that yoga may have some other surprising benefits for senior health. According to a review of multiple studies by the Cochrane Library, yoga may be able to help seniors with asthma breathe easier. 

The team of researchers studied fifteen different trials and focused their attention on the effects yoga had on over 1,000 individuals with asthma. Many aspects of yoga, from breathing exercises known as pranayama to athletic poses, were examined in the studies. According to the researchers, yoga seems to improve lung function and breathing quality.

Though the researchers emphasize that it is still important for seniors with asthma to take their prescribed medications, these medical findings are still optimistic. For example, a 2010 study by Dr. Demeke Mekonnen found that patients who practiced yoga daily for 50 minutes had a 66 percent reduction in the need to use their inhalers. Another study by R. Nagarathna that was published in the British Medical Journal found that people who practiced yoga were less likely to have asthma attacks than asthmatics that did not perform yoga exercises. Most of the medical studies concerning the topic agreed that yoga styles that involved slow breathing, stretching, and meditation helped to prevent asthma attacks. 

The researchers theorized that yoga seems to improve asthma symptoms because the breathing exercises prevent airways from constricting after exposure to certain triggers. It therefore may be very beneficial for seniors with asthma to find yoga classes or practice yoga at home with live-in Denton caregivers. Since yoga is such a peaceful and slow exercise, even seniors with limited mobility can enjoy it. Though it might not cure asthma, scientific research suggests that yoga may at least improve asthma symptoms.

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