Parkinson’s Care

With a Little Help from a Professional Caregiver

High quality Denton County County in-home Parkinson’s care provided by Home Care Assistance is designed to provide seniors with exceptional care, while promoting their independence and dignity at home. When you or an aging loved one is first diagnosed with Parkinson’s, you’ll likely go through a host of emotions. For many, a Parkinson’s diagnosis can feel devastating as the future is uncertain and the extent to which Parkinson’s will interfere with daily activities is unknown. It is our goal to be there when you need us most. Whether we’re helping with daily chores or providing advice on the best ways to handle tremors and stiff muscles, you can rely on our specialty caregivers for Parkinson’s to be an invaluable resource and support system. Available 24/7, hourly or around the clock care is just a phone call away.

Care Promoting Independence for Seniors with Parkinson’s

At Home Care Assistance of Denton County County, we are committed to helping aging Parkinson’s patients function as independently as possible throughout the course of the disease. By delivering care on a flexible, as-needed basis, Parkinson’s patients can continue to enjoy their regular routines and activities, while receiving assistance with:

  • Nutritious meal preparation and feeding
  • Laundry, changing of bed linens and light housekeeping
  • Bathing, dressing, grooming and incontinence
  • Mobility and wheelchair and bed transfers
  • Assistance with grocery shopping 
  • Medication and prescription pick-up reminders
  • Transportation for medical appointments and errands
  • Physical exercises recommended by doctors or therapists

Reliable & Compassionate Caregivers for Parkinson’s Patients

With Home Care Assistance of Denton County County, everything is customized to the unique needs of your loved one with Parkinson’s. We start with a comprehensive assessment to identify and learn immediate needs, current abilities and personal preferences. By gathering this data, our experienced Care Manager is able to develop an individualized approach to care that provides your loved one with maximum comfort, safety and security.

High Quality Comprehensive In-home Parkinson’s Care

We also understand that because Parkinson’s affects so much of the body, a team of medical professionals is typically involved with care. Our Care Managers and caregivers collaborate with the senior’s physician, neurologist, physical and occupational therapists, speech pathologists and nutritionists to ensure the designed care plan is comprehensive and will aid in enhancing quality of life at home. With the support of our Care Management team, older Parkinson’s patients receive exceptional care from home, and families enjoy peace of mind knowing the highest level of Parkinson’s care is being provided.

Trusted Leader in Parkinson’s Care in Denton County County

The range of our specialty services, the caliber of our caregivers and the dedication of our Care Management team all contribute to the effective management of Parkinson’s symptoms and improving overall outcomes. We are proud to be a trusted leader in Parkinson’s care in Denton County County, TX and offer all of our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Unlike other senior care options, we require no up-front deposits or long-term contracts so care can be adjusted and modified whenever necessary. Find out more about our Parkinson’s care plans today and schedule your complimentary in-home consultation by contacting a Care Manager at 972-468-6010.