Living with Parkinson’s: Gadgets & Gizmos Galore

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Living with Parkinson’s disease does not mean having to give up one’s independence. In fact, many parts of a person’s daily routine can still be managed by making a few modifications. At Home Care Assistance, we are proud to serve Parkinson’s patients in Denton and Collin County and always promote independence for our clients! That said, we had to share some of our favorite gadgets designed with Parkinson’s patients in mind that will make getting dressed, preparing meals and completing other daily activities a snap.

  1. Rocker Knife
    Cutting meat and chopping vegetables can pose a safety hazard for those who struggle with stiff joints, shaking or muscle weakness. The rocker knife offers a way to overcome these challenges by using a rocking motion to slice through food. This knife also comes with an extended no-slip gripper that will provide additional security during meal preparation.
  2. Toilet to Tub Slider
    Fall prevention is a serious concern for Parkinson’s patients, and the bathroom is one area of the home that requires extra caution. The toilet to tub slider involves a bench that allows Parkinson’s patients to seamlessly transition from a toilet to their bathtub without the risk of falling. If you or an aging loved one need help with personal care, consider help from a professional Parkinson’s caregiver who is trained in how to help patients complete activities of daily living comfortably and safely. Learn more about in-home Parkinson’s care in Denton County and surrounding areas.
  3. Dressing Stick
    A dressing stick can make getting dressed simpler for seniors and older adults with limited mobility. On one end of the stick, there is a flexible hook that can be used to lift jackets and shirts over a person’s shoulders. At the other end, there is a smaller hook that can be used to pull zippers and shoelaces tight. Multifunctional dressing sticks can also be used as a reacher arm to grasp objects that have fallen on the ground.
  4. Smart Spoon
    Technology has revolutionized eating for Parkinson’s patients who can now use smart utensils to stabilize tremors during meals. These spoons function as an ordinary utensil yet use technology to counteract a person’s muscular movements. Smartphone apps can also be used along with the spoon to provide feedback regarding the frequency and strength of a person’s tremors.

As the complex needs of Parkinson’s progress, additional support may be needed beyond the above gadgets. Home Care Assistance specializes in live-in care in Texas, providing around the clock monitoring for seniors that maximizes safety, while promoting personal independence throughout each stage of Parkinson’s. For more information, reach out to a Care Manager today at 972-468-6010 and learn how our compassionate and highly qualified caregivers can help!