Helping Seniors Transition from the Hospital to Home

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According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, about 18 percent of all seniors end up back in the hospital within 30 days of being discharged. In order to make sure that this does not happen to your senior loved one, it takes a whole team working together. As the Denton, TX, home caregiver, however, you must be prepared to lead the process.

Medication Management

Doctors at the hospital are likely to prescribe new medicines for the senior. Stop a minute and evaluate the medicines that the senior is currently taking. Make sure that you understand potential medicine interactions. Unfortunately, too many doctors focus on their specialty and forget to look at what other doctors have prescribed. 

Physical Assistance

If changes need to be made to the home before the senior arrives, make sure those changes are complete. Ramps may need to be built and bathrooms remodeled. Rely on friends or find a non-profit to help if you need help getting these jobs done.

Fall Prevention

Walk through the home looking for potential fall risks. Make sure that throw rugs are not on the floor and that all areas can be brightly lit as the senior may have trouble seeing in shadows. It’s also important to make sure that the senior can easily reach a light from his or her bed.

Prepare for Follow-Up

The number of people that the senior may need to follow up with can sometimes be staggering. Make a list of all these people and take note of the appointment dates on a calendar or day planner to keep track of your loved one’s schedule.

Arrange Assistance

If you will be the primary caregiver, decide if you are going to conquer the task alone or if now is the time to get help from a non-medical in-home care agency in Denton. If so, make these arrangements before leaving the hospital. Coordinate a schedule so that the senior is never left alone and can get the help he or she requires.

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