5 Lesser-Known Benefits of Knitting

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Crafters are well aware of the many benefits that engaging in a creative activities provides. Knitting in particular is known to stimulate various areas of the brain, particularly those that regulate attention span, memory, problem solving and visual-spatial processing. Flower Mound senior care providers believe seniors can reap the following unexpected benefits from knitting.

1. Socializing

If seniors belong to a crafting group, they can keep up with current events while enjoying the company of others. The individualized social circle helps prevent loneliness and boredom from day-to-day humdrum routines. 

2. Stress Reduction

Seniors may experience stress for many different reasons that include health concerns or the wellbeing of family members or friends. Researchers from Princeton University learned that engaging in repetitive motions like knitting stimulates the release of the hormone serotonin, the chemical compound has an emotional and psychological calming effect. Therefore, knitting serves as a self-soothing activity. 

3. Neuron Protection

Because knitting stimulates so many regions of the brain, the activity ensures that neurons remain active and in open communication with each other. In this way, the connections between the fragile brain cells strengthen, which helps hinder biological conditions that cause cognitive impairment. 

4. Antidepressant Activity

Along with stimulating serotonin release, knitting also encourages dopamine release. The neurotransmitter is associated with being a known natural antidepressant. Combined, the chemical compounds cause physical relaxation and a perceived sense of happiness. When the brain engages in one or more activities simultaneously, it also becomes distracted from negative emotions, thoughts or physical discomfort. 

5. Improves Dexterity

The Arthritis Foundation encourages seniors to view knitting as a type of sport. The website provides simple finger and hand exercise as warm-ups before working on a project. The organization also recommends knitting, as the activity helps improve movement in all the hand’s structures. Over time, older adults afflicted with arthritis experience pain reduction and greater dexterity. 

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