Household Mobility Aids for Seniors & Older Adults

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More than 90% of senior adults desire to age in place, to remain in the comfort of home as they enter their 70s, 80s and beyond. But what happens when health, mobility and age-related conditions make living at home difficult or dangerous?

As a leading Denton County home care agency, it is our goal to provide seniors with the support services to age in place safely, and with independence and dignity. Along with help form our in-home caregivers, seniors and their family caregivers can benefit from the following household aids. These aids can make daily tasks easier to manage, while also promoting safety and quality of life for older adults.

  • Bed Trapeze– A bed trapeze is basically a rod mounted over a bed, to assist with sitting up and lying down. A chain is suspended from the frame, holding a triangular bar. It is a great way to help seniors build strength and self-esteem as they lift themselves out of bed independently. It is also a great option for seniors who are recovering from a stroke or regaining strength after a surgery or hospital stay.
  • Security Pole With Curve Grab Bar– This is a floor-to-ceiling tension rod with a curved grab-bar mounted on the pole. It provides sit-to-stand support, and can be installed next to a toilet, tub, bed, or chair. It also assists in getting to a wheelchair, walker, or other mobility aid. The curving grab-bar is mounted to the middle of the rod. Using a hand-over-hand technique, a person can climb up or down the pole. The tension pole fits ceiling heights from 7 to 9 feet and can be moved from one location to another or permanently installed with screws. Rubber pads at the top and bottom protect the ceiling and floor. A quality retailer of security poles for seniors is Stander and can be viewed here.
  • Seat Lift– A seat-lift is a recliner that slowly raises and lowers a person from a chair. Seat lifts often come in two designs, a lever style where the senior can pull a lever on the side of the chair to sit up, or an electric version that will raise the senior at the push of a button. The benefit of a seat lift is that it helps remove the stress of standing up and down, a movement that can be particularly difficult for seniors and older adults, especially those experiencing frailty or living with arthritis.
  • Swivel Seat– The swivel seat is a round cushion enabling a person to easily turn from a seated position to standing. It can facilitate getting in and out of a chair or car seat. The cushion is typically made of foam attached to a turntable of durable plastic. A non-skid base keeps it from slipping out of place.
  • Grab-Bar– A grab bar is a handle or rod offering stability, mounted in or near a shower, tub, or toilet. Grab-bars are especially helpful for preventing falls as they can help provide support to a senior as he or she goes about routine daily activities. Some families may even consider installing grab bars next to the bed or even in the kitchen to help give their loved one support as he or she may need to stand for extended periods of time while cooking.

If you have an aging parent or loved one who struggles with mobility and may need help completing activities of daily living safely, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Denton County today. Our professional and highly trained caregivers provide Denton County hourly care, and are also available on an overnight and 24 hour basis. Call us at 972-468-6010 for more information or to request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

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