February is National Heart Health Month

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With the month of February nationally recognized as Heart Health Month, we figured there was no better time than now to share a few ways in which you can help your aging loved one maintain good heart health! As a leading provider of home care in Denton County and the surrounding areas, we wanted to help spread awareness to help improve the lives of seniors and older adults who have heart conditions, as well as those who may be at risk.

If your senior parent has ever experienced any type of heart problem, they are probably already feeling stress and anxiety, wondering how to proceed without causing another episode. Offer support and check out these tips for promoting optimal heart health.

  1. Follow advice and recommendations from the doctor. Unfortunately, some seniors are stubborn in their ways and do not always take or follow health recommendations from their doctors. If your aging parent or loved one has visited the doctor and received any cardiovascular health warnings, help them find ways to put the given advice into action. Show your support and encourage them to make the best choices possible in terms of diet and exercise. Whether it is accompanying them on a walk to increase daily activity or helping prepare meals for better nutrition, a little help can go a long way.
  2. Help them say “no” to stress. Many times, the stress and anxiety of daily life can cause or exacerbate heart distress, especially as age related ailments make certain activities more difficult to complete. While stress is often a problem for individuals of all ages, seniors need to take extra measures to monitor stress and ensure it remains at healthy levels. Help your aging loved one shrug off worries by helping them manage household chores or errands and suggest activities that can help reduce stress such as puzzles, board games or low impact exercises like yoga.
  3. Walk it out. Exercise helps seniors maintain a healthy weight, strong bones and muscles and can also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, all leading to better heart health. What many seniors do not realize is that exercise doesn’t have to be rigorous and can include something as easy as a walk around the neighborhood. If your loved one feels uneasy about walking alone, encourage them to walk with a friend or even a caregiver; studies show that seniors who exercise with a partner are more likely to continue the routine into the future. Find out more about caregivers in Denton County.

Celebrate Heart Health Month by sharing your knowledge with your aging loved one! If you are unable to provide the quality care your loved one needs and deserves, join the thousands of families who rely on Home Care Assistance. We offer hourly and 24 hour care throughout Denton and Collin Counties and are available 24/7. Call us at 972-468-6010 for more information about our home care services or to schedule a free in-home consultation.