An Overview of the GreatCall Touch3 Phone for Seniors

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More and more seniors are embracing technology and for good reason. Today’s high-tech gadgets can do everything from helping manage medications to providing entertainment and fun through fun, interactive games. However, one particular gadget is becoming popular because it can do almost everything: the smartphone.

Smartphones aren’t just for the younger generation. It’s most basic function, the call feature, allows a senior to stay in touch with friends and family, while also providing a way to call for help in an emergency. Camera technology provides the opportunity for face-to-face communication, and applications give seniors access to a wealth of games that can promote brain health. Let’s not forget a smartphone’s ability to access the internet, allowing seniors to read the local news, check email and so much more.

As a leading provider of senior care in Denton County, we always encourage our clients to embrace technology, including smartphones for it’s many benefits. That said, we wanted to share some information about the new kid on the block for senior smartphones, the GreatCall Touch3. And because it offers several health and safety apps to keep seniors safe, it has become one of our favorite senior-friendly phones. The phone is unique as it provides seniors with:

  • 5Star Medical Alert – Gives seniors immediate access to trained agents for help in an emergency. They evaluate your situation, confirm your location, and can provide the help that your loved one needs.
  • Urgent Care – Puts your loved one in touch with doctors and nurses any time of day to obtain a diagnosis and prescriptions. Seniors can check symptoms and look them up with a medical dictionary app.
  • MedCoach – Keeps seniors on a medication schedule with friendly reminder messages. This app also connects you to your pharmacy for prescription refills.
  • Wellness Call – Weekly motivational calls from Dr. Brian Alman, a trusted health expert and author.
  • Daily Health Tips – Helpful advice for maintaining health.
  • Check-In Call – A congenial, automated call that touches base with you daily. You can request up to 6 calls a day. You’ll be asked about your pain level, appetite, sleep quality, and overall well-being. If you need help or miss a call, the service notifies the contact person you’ve listed in your profile.

The simple design of this smartphone makes it very user-friendly. The touchscreen keyboard has enlarged text. The phone is hearing aid compatible, with a loud speaker and long-lasting battery. An optional add-on device is the AliveCor Heart Monitor. This records an ECG of your heart’s electrical activity. You can send a report of any cardiac abnormality directly to your doctor. In addition, the hardware tracks your symptoms, medications, and activities.

Obtaining the GreatCall Touch3 involves no contract. There are no cancellation fees. The phone retails for $149 and is available at Rite-Aid, Sears, and Walmart. GoPlans with the above health and safety features start at $24.99 per month, with 50 monthly minutes of talk time. The service provider in Connecticut for this phone is Verizon Wireless. For further information on the GreatCall Touch3, click here.

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