5 Reasons Why Seniors Need to Maintain Cholesterol Levels

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The body changes as we age, and maintaining cholesterol levels becomes increasingly important for seniors and older adults. When too much bad cholesterol is introduced into the body, it causes the buildup of dangerous plaques that cause the arteries to harden and narrow which results in poor circulation. If this isn’t enough to convince your loved one to regularly check his or her cholesterol levels, here are 5 additional reasons why this measure is so vital to senior health, presented by Home Care Assistance of Denton County.

  1. Decrease Strain on the Heart – When the arteries narrow, this causes the heart muscle to have to pump harder. This can result in an increase in the heart rate which can cause vessel ruptures and arterial blockage. Maintaining a healthy cholesterol level can help seniors avoid falling victim to fatal heart failure and other cardiovascular condition.
  2. Avoid Atherosclerosis – As the arteries narrow and harden, the onset of atherosclerosis becomes an imminent threat. This condition causes a number of debilitating side effects including chest pain, headaches, leg cramps, trouble breathing and/or paralysis of the face, arms or legs.
  3. Less Incidence of Stomach Pain – As high blood pressure advances, it can cause the onset of severe abdominal pain. This is because fatty deposits cause undue pressure on the liver and spleen. Unfortunately, these pains are often left unidentified, mistaken for heartburn or indigestion and result in more serious conditions that are difficult to treat.
  4. Lower Risk of Stroke – High cholesterol also increases the risk of stroke due to the decrease of oxygen to the brain. Not only can stroke cause irreversible brain damage, but it can also result in premature death. Seniors who wish to avoid the need for Denton County stroke care in the future need to be vigilant in monitoring their cholesterol levels
  5. Save Money on Healthcare – Along with aging comes new healthcare costs, and these can be significantly decreased when cholesterol levels are actively maintained. Currently, $273 billion is spent annually on medications for cardiovascular disease in the US, and this number is expected to triple. The best way for seniors to minimize their contribution to this increase is to watch their cholesterol.

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