Fall-Proofing the Home for Seniors

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Fall-proofing the home for the elderly seems like a simple enough task. Adequate lighting, clearing the home of clutter and making sure that rugs and other types of flooring are secure can be done by almost anyone. These methods are easy and very cost efficient, but they are not the only measures that a family can take to prevent a fall. Denton County Home Care Assistance presents a few other steps that families should look into to help minimize fall risk for their aging loved one.

  • Re-Thinking Bed Rails – Many falls in the home take place as the senior is trying to get out of bed. This can be prevented by investing in a solid bed rail. These are not like hospital bed rails, which may actually contribute to falls, but a single piece that can be attached to the bed frame for support and resemble a grab bar. Family caregivers in Denton County should install the bed rail, and test it out with their own weight before it is used by their aging loved one.
  • Examine Footwear Worn around the Home – Footwear is a common cause of falls for seniors. Wearing slippers, house shoes, or socks when walking around the home to prevent falls is a myth. Unless the footwear has rubber grips or other non-skid properties, they can pose a safety hazard. Inspecting the bottom of shoes to make sure that they are in good shape and fit properly only takes a few minutes and may spare a life-altering fall.
  • Look at Support Bases – If mom is unsteady, she may grab onto things as she walks through the home. This is not a bad idea, and it can help with maintaining balance. However, not all furniture pieces and fixtures are suitable for this. Flimsy pieces of furniture, such as those used mainly for décor, can easily become unsteady, which will cause the senior to fall, too. Making sure these items are not positioned where they will be grabbed for support can help prevent the elder from falling.

These few simple changes can go a long way in helping your loved one maintain longevity and quality of life, and can also provide you with peace of mind when you are unable to be with your loved one. For more senior safety tips, contact Home Care Assistance of Denton County today. While we specialize in 24 hour care, our highly qualified caregivers also provide hourly care in Denton County to give seniors the bit of extra support they need to remain safe and independent at home.

To schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation, reach out to a Home Care Assistance Care Manager at 972-468-6010.

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