Ebola: Where We Are Today & Protecting Our Seniors

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The recent outbreak of Ebola has many people concerned about if the disease will spread throughout the United States. Fortunately, Ebola is currently not a high risk threat to the American people.

While there has been one death here in Texas due to the Ebola virus, the victim had recently been to Africa. The only confirmed case since is of one of the nurses who was helping with the care of the patient who passed away. She is currently being treated and her vitals and health have been reported as stable.

As a leading provider of Denton County elder care, we understand that there is still some panic among the population, especially in regards to older adults contracting the disease. Experts at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have made statements saying that they are confident that we can prevent Ebola from spreading at large in the United States.

However, the CDC has adviced that the best way to avoid contracting Ebola is to avoid contact with those who may have been infected by the disease. For instance, avoid areas of known outbreaks (mostly in regions throughout Africa) and avoid direct contact with those who are infected, specifically with the person’s body fluids and tissues (blood, semen, saliva, etc).

If Ebola has been reported in a community around you, you can rest assured that local health care workers and government officials have the proper plans in place to control the spread of the virus.  They will help guide you through the proper infection control procedures to ensure the safety and health of the population.

At Home Care Assistance of Denton County, it is our goal to help protect the health and safety of our clients. We will continue to post any important news regarding the Ebola virus if we find that it is relevant and important to the clients we serve.

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