Cane and Walker Safety for Senior Adults

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Canes and walkers allow seniors to live more independently, helping to maintain stability while also preventing falls. However, these assistive devices can only be effective if they are used correctly and with safety precautions in mind. As a leading provider of senior home care in Denton County, we wanted to share some important information about canes and walkers so that safety and comfort is maximized for our clients who use walking aids on a regular basis.

Considerations for Canes

  • Make sure that the cane is at the correct height for your loved one and adjust if necessary. The correct cane length is roughly one half of the senior user’s height in inches, while wearing shoes.
  • Consider a 4-footed “quad cane” if you feel like your loved one needs more support. This type of cane can help keep your loved one steadier on his or her feet.
  • Be sure that cane is within easy reach when not in use, but that it is not in a place where your loved one can trip over it, as this can be a major cause of falls.
  • Inspect the rubberized tip regularly for any wear and tear and replace if necessary.
  • Remind your loved one to use the cane on the unaffected side of the body.


Considerations for Walkers

  • Remind your loved one not to “carry” the walker in front of them, but to keep it on the floor and use it for support while ambulating.
  • If the walker has a built-in seat, make sure that the wheels are locked before your loved one sits down, as this can also lead to falls if the walker slips away.
  • Remind your loved one to use the walker at all times in order to walk strong and prevent falls.
  • Keep the home free of clutter, loose rugs or stray cords that can be trip hazards.

Although fairly minor considerations, the consequences of not being aware of the aforementioned safety hazards can have a serious and dramatic impact on your loved one’s health and wellbeing. If your aging loved one continues to struggle with mobility or activities of daily living while using a cane or walker, in-home assistance may be needed to promote additional independence. An hourly or live-in caregiver in Denton County will be able to assist your loved one with mobility, meal preparation, housekeeping, transportation and much more so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re in safe and caring hands.

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