10 Things Your Senior Loved One Should Put on a Bucket List

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Many individuals have made bucket lists of things they would like to do before they die. Yet, many seniors tend to put off their list when they are younger, choosing instead to care for their family. If you are a family caregiver, Denton in-home care professionals suggest you help your senior loved one start checking items off his or her bucket list.

1. Learn a New Language

Many seniors want to learn a new language. There are many online courses that can help your loved one accomplish this feat. Alternatively, your loved one may enjoy taking a language course at a local college. Some seniors may even choose to learn a language by traveling to an area where the language is spoken.

2. Support a Charity

Some seniors may choose to support a favorite charity as an item on his bucket list. Some may choose to write a check and give it to the charity, while others may opt to give time to the charity. Look for which method matches your loved one’s interests.

3. Learn a New Hobby

Many seniors have always wanted to pursue a hobby or two. Help your loved one find a way to learn the skills needed to practice a hobby. Many places offer free or low-cost classes for seniors. Your loved one may even find classes of his or her choice at local community centers. 

4. Travel

Many seniors want to see at least one special place before they die. Your loved one may want to see one of the 10 wonders of the world. Alternatively your loved one might want to visit the place he or she grew up in or some other place special to him or her.

5. Try a New Food

Many seniors have at least one food they have always wanted to try. If it is not available, locally, consider ordering the ingredients over the internet and help your loved one prepare it. You and your loved one may discover you have a new favorite.

6. Read a Particular Book

Google says there are over 130 million books in the world. Many seniors have a book on their list they may not have read. Ask your loved one what book he or she would like to read and see if it is available at the local library or you can order it online as well. 

7. Redecorate a Room

Many seniors may have at least one room in their home they would really like to redecorate. Help your loved one gather ideas for inspiration, then help him or her create a special space.

8. Get a Pet

Many seniors may want to own a pet. While many might be content with a dog or cat, others may prefer some other companion like bird or fish. Make sure you ask your loved one about his or her preferred pet. You may get some really unusual answers like a miniature pig or a pet rat. 

9. Paint a Masterpiece

Some seniors may want to paint a masterpiece. Thanks to paint-by-number and adult painting books, your loved one’s dream may come true. On the other hand, your loved one may really want to take classes to learn the skills needed to create his or her own work of art. 

10. Write a Personal History

Some seniors may have a burning desire to leave their experiences in written form for the next generation to read. While your loved one may be able to sit down and write down his or her memories, you may want to suggest he or she start with a book of prompts which lets him or her write answers to common questions.

There are many items your loved one could add to a bucket list. Encourage him or her to choose one and work toward accomplishing it. For more ideas on activities to put on a bucket list, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our compassionate caregivers can assist your loved one with various tasks of daily living. We provide reliable live-in and respite care. Denton, TX, families can call 972-468-6010 to speak with a friendly Care Manager to find out about our flexible care plans.