Debunking the Top Myths about Aging

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We live in a society where the media often portrays aging as a negative process with seniors cast as frail, weak, forgetful and even depressed. However, this is far from an accurate description! As a leading provider of senior home care, we are committed to changing the way the way the world ages, and we wanted to take time to debunk some of the top myths about aging.

  • Seniors Have Poor Overall Health
    The notion that poor health is inevitable as an individual ages is simply not true. While age may increase a person’s risk factor for several conditions, this does not mean that he or she will develop these problems. Seniors and older adults who maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes a well balance diet, regular exercise, social ties, abstaining from tobacco products and limiting alcohol consumption can lead happy and healthy life well into their 70s, 80s and beyond.
  • Seniors Will Develop Dementia
    This is one of the most common myths regarding the aging adult – that dementia is inevitable. The facts are that only one in seven seniors will develop any type of dementia and as research points to modifiable risk factors, this number may very well decrease. While mild forgetfulness can occur, it can at any age. For seniors who do develop dementia, specialty dementia home care programs can be tailored to help maintain normal routines from the comfort of home.
  • Seniors Are Inactive
    Becoming older does not necessarily mean that a person will become inactive. Today, seniors have the opportunity to participate in a variety of clubs, classes and groups that are focused on learning and helping seniors engage with peers. Outside of book clubs and technology classes, other activities that seniors can participate in can include but are not limited to traveling, gardening and outdoor sports such as bicycling and swimming, just to name a few.
  • Seniors Are Not Involved
    This could not be farther from the truth. Many seniors are deeply involved in the community they live in. Several programs such as meals-on-wheels often rely greatly on seniors for their volunteer work. Seniors are also commonly found volunteering in local schools, and at churches and hospitals.

A senior’s golden years can be filled with passion, joy and happiness when the appropriate steps are taken to support healthy goals. If you or an aging loved one wish to age in place, don’t be afraid to enlist in some help. Learn about hourly care in Denton and Collin Counties where a part-time caregiver can assist you with activities of daily living, helping you to defy the above aging myths. Call 972-468-6010 now to speak with a Care Manager and schedule a free in-home consultation to further discuss your individual needs.

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