Activities Seniors can Enjoy with their Grandkids

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Are you part of the sandwich generation? If you are one of the millions of individuals in the United States who provides home care for an aging parent (or parents) as well as your own children, have you ever thought about combining your caregiving roles? Although the needs of your senior loved one and your child may be different, there are many activities that seniors can enjoy with their grandkids. These activities can be beneficial for your parent and your children, and can even provide you with a little extra time to tend to your own needs.

If your aging parent or loved one spends a lot of time at home, it may be time to get out of the house for a family day of fun. One of the easiest places to adventure to is your local State Museum. This will give your parents an opportunity to share their own history with their grandkids, allowing your children to see that the world was a much different place before smartphones and computers. You can find out more by visiting your state’s website and inquiring about prices of admission for families and seniors, which usually comes at a nice discount.

Another activity that many families are discovering today is tabletop gaming. Grown from the more well known games of Monopoly and Clue, there are various types, genres, and themes that all ages can find fun. Many newer games also encourage interaction and conversation among all players; teaching good problem solving skills to the younger participants while keeping grandma or grandpa’s mind sharp as well. Most of these games can be found at your local big box store like Wal-Mart or Target along with the old classics that your parent might remember from their own childhood!

And don’t forget about household activities that your senior parent can enjoy with your children. Simple activities such as folding laundry or cooking a meal together can open up lines of communication, allowing grandparents to share stories with their grandkids. It is also a great way to promote feelings of companionship and self-esteem for all parties involved.

These are just a couple ideas to help get your elders out and about or keep their mind sharp while enjoying the company of their grandkids. If you’re looking for more ideas, ask your kids what they think grandma or grandpa would like to do and brainstorm fun activities. There is no limit to the amount of great activities that will keep your aging parents a close part of your family.

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